We help pool and spa companies generate high-quality leads and increase their profitability.

Our pool builder clients have experienced massive growth. They experience improved quality in the leads that they generate. This translates to: lower expenses (if using PPC ads), increased sales and higher revenue per pool and spa. The most amazing statistic is that 100% of our pool and spa clients have been able to completely eliminate their PPC ads. One of our clients has saved over $500k while increasing their sales!

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    We Create Measurable Success

    We increased their online exposure organically and they eliminated all PPC ads saving them over $500k.

    Here is a graph showing the leads generated from their website.  YtD compared to previous year.  Leads are up 234.7% with NO ads.

    pool builder marketing

    Client: Platinum Pool

    platinum pool

    Client Story:

    Platinum has been our client for over 10 years. When they first came to us they relied on PPC ads to generate traffic to their website. They wanted JPI to increase their exposure online, especially with the search engines, so that they could generate more leads without having to pay for ads. The results have been amazing. They continue to dominate searches online and have experienced record year after record year. Plus, we have completely eliminated their need to use PPC ads saving them over $500k!


    Platinum dominates the most important searches for their business.  You can see that their average ranking (organic) with Google is 3.78.  They are blowing away their competition.

    pool builder marketing seo

    Their leads are increasing massively and luck plays no part.  Their web leads are up 362.8% while their non-web leads are only up 142.2%.

    pool builder marketing leads

    Client Quote:

    We started working with JPI many years ago, and quite frankly they have transformed our business. The JPI team members are knowledgeable, forward-thinking professionals that always helps us think differently about our marketing. In fact, I hesitate to even write this recommendation as we risk divulging our secret weapon. I would give JPI our highest recommendation.

    James Atlas – Platinum Pool

    Pool builder now generates more leads organically and has completely eliminated their need for PPC ads.

    You can see while running PPC ads in 2018 they generated 194 leads from their website.  Once they hired us, after turning off their PPC ads, they had a massive increasee of 283% in the number of leads generated.  In 2 short years we have 10xed their website leads with no ads.

    Client: American Pools & Spas

    pool builder

    Client Story:

    When they first came to us American Pools & Spas relied heavily on PPC ads to generate traffic to their website. They had very specific goals that they wanted us to reach. First, they wanted to eliminate have to spend $6k per month on PPC ads. Secondly, they wanted to increase their revenue per pool. We went to work and turned off their PPC ads. The results have been tremendous. We massively increased their leads and along with that we increased the quality of their leads. Leads from their website now generate the highest revenue per sale compared to all of their marketing channels.

    Since hiring JPI their website leads are now the leads which generate the highest revenue per sale!

    pool builder marketing results

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